TEDed “Stage Fright”

KAPWA has wrapped a new piece for TED on The Science of Stage Fright.
For all of us that sweat, shake or disintegrate at the mere idea of public speaking, Mikael Cho explains the underlying physiological and evolutionary causes of stage fright, and tells us how to conquer them.
This was a first-time collaborative effort between the animation crew at KAPWA and music and sound studio BAMM BAMM WOLFGANG.

Director: Robertino Zambrano
Educator/Narrator: Mikael Cho
Animators: Robertino Zambrano & Francis Solinap
Original Music & Sound Composed by: Adam Alexander & John Romeo for BAMM BAMM WOLFGANG
Mastered by: Nick Lynar
With thanks to:
Gerta Xhelo & Jessica Ruby and the rest of the team at TED-ed.

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