The Science of Stage Fright Official Competition Selection at Annecy Int’l Animation Fest

KAPWA’s animation production for TED Ed, “The Science of Stage Fright” has made it into official competition selection at this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. Among 65 films selected out of 2,293 entries, we’re humbled to screen in competition amongst some of the most fantastic animated films from around the world. With a resonating lesson written and narrated by Mikael Cho, as well as powerful original musical work from Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, KAPWA is proud to have worked on this piece for TED.

Check out all the other films in Annecy’s Official Selection lineup – it looks amazing this year.

View our full project post, with more info and team credits here.

One thing can strike fear into the heart of the fiercest warrior, the most powerful CEO and the smartest person in any given room: having to speak in public. The thought of it makes the palms sweat, the heart beat faster and the limbs start to shake. An estimated 75% of people have a fear of speaking in public, and it’s something that nearly everyone who takes the TED stage must work hard to overcome.

This TED-Ed lesson, the science of stage fright, just might help. In the lesson — which is taught by educator Mikael Cho and directed by animator Robertino Zambrano of KAPWA Studioworks — looks at stage fright not as an emotion, but as a physiological response. In other words, it’s not so much something to be overcome as to be adapted to.TED Blog

Full interview on the TED Blog here.


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