TED engages KAPWA + KirART to help Robin Hood tackle poverty in the US

As part of the TED Partners program, KAPWA and KirART collaborated to produce a new animation for New York charity, Robin Hood. Robin Hood launched it’s “College Success” Prize Competition to create pathways out of poverty by catalysing higher college completion rates through tech ventures.

With the ultimate goal of alleviating poverty, Robin Hood hopes to spur the development of an innovative, scalable and technology-enabled tool to improve the academic performance of underprepared college students.

Getting a college degree is more important than ever for future earnings. Low-income workers can greatly improve their likelihood of advancing to the middle class by attaining a college degree.  In the United States, individuals with an associate degree will earn—on average— about $10,000 more per year than college dropouts.  

In New York City, over 80% of incoming community college freshmen are required to take remedial courses before they can take college-level classes (despite having earned a high school diploma or equivalent certificate).  And of those freshmen taking remedial classes, 75% will fail to earn their associates degree within six years.

– Robinhood.org

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