KAPWA director Robertino Zambrano brings a wealth of experience in designing and prototyping digital products and platforms. With Robertino’s years of experience creatively leading projects at R/GA’s Content Studio, KAPWA can help complement your production pipeline, whether you’re in R&D, pitching concepts, or need content to be rapidly developed for your platform. See some of Robertino’s previous digital/content work below.



Concept development, Character Design, 3D Animation, Animated UI Prototyping

In conjunction with R/GA’s Content Studio, KAPWA director Robertino Zambrano helped prototype interfaces and designed a character-driven feedback system for the Nike+ Fuelband app. Over a period of a couple of years, working in tandem with the R/GA Nike Digital Sport team, Robertino helped sculpt the look and feel of all moving elements within the mobile experience, including the visual expression of the rewards system. Robertino and the Content Studio team conceived the idea of having a pet-like character within the app called Fuelie, who would grow and evolve as you generate more Nike Fuel, Nike’s activity-measuring points system.

Awards: Cannes Lions 2012 Cyber Lions Grand Prix; Cannes Lions 2012 Titanium and Integrated Lions Grand Prix
Produced at R/GA


Telstra Retail Installations: “Uncaged” + “Christmas”

Direction, Writing & Concept Development, Character Development, 3D Animation

Robertino directed two retail installation projects for Telstra’s flagship store on George Street, Sydney. Both installations harnessed visual power of the store’s massive LED array, as well as taking over the retail window displays.
The “Uncaged” installation featured an ambient animation of a community of stylised Rosella birds, dancing through gum-tree environment. The 3D animated creatures were brought to physical life in the form of colour-3D-printed models and paper-crafted models.
The “Christmas” installation featured 10 mini-stories which were triggered by buttons on a physically sculpted Christmas tree. The project had a large cast of Christmas-themed characters created in 3D. The characters were also brought to life in physical form, as individually crafted Christmas toys, which were on display throughout the store.

“Telstra Christmas” was co-directed with Alex Grigg.
Projects produced by Mighty Nice.


Nike Rivalries (Nike Pro Combat Microsite)

Direction, 3D Animation, Motion Design, Interactive Video Asset Planning & Creation

Working within R/GA New York’s Content Studio, and the Nike Digital team, Robertino conceptualised and directed rich-media assets for the Nike Pro Combat microsite. We created an immersive online experience to showcase the new Pro Combat uniforms created for classic “Rivalry” college football teams. We created a designed landscape through which users could explore different Rivalry teams and stadiums, watch themed inspiration videos and explore each team’s new uniform designs and technologies.
Robertino helped lead the design and look development of all moving elements in the interactive experience, including the map environments, and “Inspiration” videos for each team.

Produced at R/GA New York.


Telstra Digital Brand Development

Branding explorations in motion, User experience mockups

Working closely with R/GA and Interbrand, KAPWA was commissioned to help develop digitally-focused brand explorations for Telstra’s brand refresh in 2013. Using a combination of UI behaviour motion tests, and mood explorations, we set out to help define a richer brand experience for Telstra.


Nike Gear Up – Feature Walkthrough

Direction, Motion Graphics Animation

Robertino directed multiple pieces of content showcasing the work of R/GA’s Nike Digital team. This particular example is a feature walk-through for the Nike Gear Up website.

Produced at R/GA New York.


Beats Music

Content Direction, Product Feature Walkthrough, Motion Graphics Animation, Design for Digital Signage / Live Events

KAPWA was commissioned by R/GA to create content for the Australian launch of the Beats Music service with Telstra. The content, which touted the key features of the Beats Music service, was customised to fit a flatscreen display array on the event site. A custom sequence was also designed for the event’s centrepiece – an eye-catching 10×10′ cubic LED display.



Nike Flyknit Prototype

Site design, UI motion prototyping, 3D animation

To assist with the creation of the new Nike Flyknit microsite, R/GA partnered with KAPWA to prototype the new online experience, experimenting with interface transitions and procedural type animation. We reconstructed the Nike Flyknit sneaker in 3D to demonstrate how Nike could feature rich-media product showcases of it’s shoe technology.